Streetfurniture and other elements

Street furniture and other elements in the public space

The city is also another so-called "street furniture". So there are about 22,000 in Almere signs, bins 4000, 3500 playground equipment, benches 3200 and 350 planters. The rhythm with which these elements are replaced differs strongly per element.

The size of the residual current varies each year, but about 2016, this was as follows:


  • Wastebaskets: 130 pieces;
  • RVV plates: 390 pieces;
  • Bottle Poles: 168 pieces;
  • Bank: 5 pieces;
  • Erdipalen: 30 pieces;
  • Bank boards: 61 pieces.

Please note that these figures do not included city, Almere Haven and Almere Poort! 


Most current contracts of the municipality for the maintenance of public spaces are 'RAW specifications'. Basically, the municipality in this standard 'RAW specifications' gives ownership of the released material to the contractor. Reversing the ownership of the released nutrients will lead to more or less work. This should take into account the Environmental Management Act. This states that if the client wants to get rid of certain building materials, legal and economic ownership of these materials is transferred to the contractor. On the basis of this Environmental Management Act can only be transferred to the contractor if these building materials should not be issued to a licensed establishment under the Act.

Municipal ownership

It is good to realize that these quantities just go about municipal ownership. Elements of Public Works or the province are not included here.