Watercourses and waterways

Watercourses and waterways

Almere manages the watercourses and waterways in the city. The management aims to achieve good water quality, the quality of maintenance of the waterways and the navigability of waterways for boating. The municipality is also working for the maintenance of locks and management of Het Weerwater (Almere City) and the Harbour Basin (Almere Haven).

In the management of watercourses and waterways these raw materials are released:

• Biomass in the form of aquatic plants: in 2016 cut the plants in the channels in the Weerwater and Noorderplassen. Also, for the events 'Triathlon' and a sailing competition mowed the weeds. The released material with an amount of 106 tons is discharged through two contractors. Transporting and depositing the released material cost € 54, - per tonne.

• Woody material in the form of piling: not currently known data.
• woody material in the form of scaffolding: not currently known data.
• Concrete at quay walls: Data is currently unknown.


Most current contracts of the municipality for the maintenance of public spaces 'RAW specifications'. Basically, the municipality is placing the ownership of the released material in this standard 'RAW specifications' to the contractor. Reversing the ownership of the released nutrients will lead to more or less work. This should take into account the Environmental Management Act. This states that if the client wants to get rid of certain building materials, legal and economic ownership of these materials is transferred to the contractor. On the basis of this Environmental Management Act can only be transferred to the contractor if these building materials should not be issued to a licensed establishment under the Act.

Contracts management plants

The municipality has freedom in the contracts to process the plants in a different way. It is good to realize that these quantities are about the area that the municipality management. Management Areas of Zuiderzeeland Country, State and Public Works are not included here.