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General information waste flows Almere

TNO has done research of the waste flows of the city and volumes. The central question was: which waste fractions have the greatest potential to make a better business case through another (new) circular production process for waste treatment?

Key indicators: What is the fraction of waste? What are the processing of the waste fraction? What materials contain a fraction of waste? Which products and product components contain a fraction of waste? What materials are most valuable? At what scale should be collected? Who are the customers?

Transition support by investing in good data infrastructure and investing in good partnerships. Experts involved to set up a number of cases. For urban waste streams to achieve the greatest economic opportunities in biomass, construction materials and wastewater.

To the TNO study

Information from municipality of waste flows (volume and numbers)

There are a waste stream made from the public space by the City of factsheets. These are supplemented with relevant information on volumes and flows.

To the fact-sheets of the municipality of wasteflows from the public space of the city (draft version, will be supplemented)

Information on volumes and numbers of waste streams Almere 2016