Assesement criteria first round

Assesment criteria first round

The tender will be considered for assessment by the jury if it satisfies all of the requirements from this document. The assessment by the jury will be done anonymously in the first round. During this first round, the jury will assess the proposals based on the requirements included in paragraph 3.4 (Programme of Requirements), as well as the quality of the following points: 

1. A vision of value creation through the high quality reuse of urban waste flows, which can strengthen the municipality of Almere and the MRA’s position within the context of a circular economy;

2. A look ahead at the main outlines of the realisation of this in the project plan;

3. The degree of implementation of the collaboration between the parties who are going to be realising the plan, with respect to the impact on the city of Almere and the MRA;

4. Suitable financial support/feasibility.

The jury will integrally assess the plans based on the above points, irrespective of the waste flow in question (biomass, asphalt, concrete, street furniture). The jury will choose a maximum of five proposals from the submitted proposals, who will be invited for a second round in order to provide more detailed information regarding their proposal. Any tenderers not going through to the second round will be provided with a justified decision.