Ruud Koornstra

Ruud Koornstra took his first steps as an activist entrepreneur some 15 years ago. The business he founded, Tendris, has been the nursery bed for innumerable groundbreaking innovations and business ventures. There is Oxxio, the first and the fastest-growing 100% green energy company; There's Lemnis Lighting, inventors of today's LED lighting systems. There's New Motion, European market leaders in the field of electric vehicles. There is XXImo, practical, sustainable mobility and Tendris Solutions, developing sustainable technologies. Ruud's firm conviction is that heaven on earth is really within reach for everyone. With that philosophy in mind he is active in the business community, in the media, in education and in government. At the start of this year he brought his activities under the umbrella of Delta-9, a foundation for innovative operations. He continues to work as an activist entrepreneur.

Arthur Bouvy

Arthur Bouvy is director of the Economic Development Board Almere. The EDBA organizes the cooperation between industry, government and research institutions on the themes of data innovation, health, circular economy and leisure in Almere and Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. In his previous position as director Companies Rabobank Almere he has got very involved with business in Almere. He is co-initiator of getting the Floriade to Almere, which can have a positive impact on business in Almere.

Guido Braam

Director at Valley Creators, Co-founder of Powered by Meaning and initiator of the NL circular hotspot. This is the era of the new normal. Everyday entrepreneurship with significance for the world around you. Reaching that era is our dream, our vision. But that isn't something you can achieve on your own. We therefore operate as a collective, working continually on new developments and improvements. This is a movement where each of us takes responsibility for achieving impact. We work towards our common goal through enterprise, courage, sharing and connection. Moving together towards a meaningful world. Growing together towards the new normal. Powered by Meaning.

Eric Frijters

Founding Partner and Principal with STOF, Professor in Future Urban Regions (FUR) with the Dutch Construction Academies (Nederlandse Academies van Bouwkunst). He has a background in architecture at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, in philosophy at the University of Amsterdam and he graduated cum laude from the Technical University Eindhoven. Eric's research has been published in numerous books and journals and his design work has been recognised with the award of many prizes including the Prix de Rome and the Iakov Chernikhov International Architecture Prize. Eric is engaged with experimentation with innovative architecture and education as well as research into architecture and urban development. From June 2013 he has led the Future Urban Regions Research Group, focusing on healthy urbanisation, design thinking methodology and the test results from productive strategies for urban metabolism in the Dutch Construction Academies.

Mari van Dreumel

Mari van Dreumel is on behalf of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment involved in the implementation of the plans of Almere 2.0 and the Fund Urbanization Almere. Together with the government and the Province Almere runs the program Almere 2.0. He also deals specifically with circular economy, Green Deals and City Deals.