Paved roads, streets and squares

Paved roads, streets and squares

Almere is compared to other cities more hardening, because here was chosen in most places for separate lanes for cars, buses and cyclists. The quantities are as follows:

• asphalt lanes: about 290 km2
• lanes elements (eg tiles, pavers and flagstones): approx 240 km2
• asphalt paths: approximately 180 km2
• footpaths elements (eg tiles, pavers and flagstones): 150 km2
• Other (including parking areas, squares): approx 290 km2

In 2014, 26,500 tonnes of processed asphalt. In 2015 processed until November 18,086 tons of asphalt. In 2015 to November 7145 tons of concrete placed in bike paths.

Data for 2014 and 2015: 23,500 tons of asphalt was milled in 2014 and came free. In 2015 to November 22,593 tons of asphalt milled and released. This asphalt is used as an addition (raw material) for the new asphalt to be supplied (approximately 50%). In Almere is a young city and since there are concrete paths or roads hardly any substitution has been taken place and so are hereby minimal resources freed.

Costs and benefits of these waste streams: for asphalt removal and processing into new asphalt currently cost neutral. Asphalt milling has the municipality proceeds of approximately € 3, - per tonne.


Most current contracts of the municipality for the maintenance of public spaces are 'RAW specifications'. Basically, the municipality in this standard 'RAW specifications' places the ownership of the released material to the contractor. Reversing the ownership of the released nutrients will lead to more or less work. This should take into account the Environmental Management Act. This states that if the client wants to get rid of certain building materials, legal and economic ownership of these materials is transferred to the contractor. On the basis of this Environmental Management Act can only be transferred to the contractor if these building materials should not be issued to a licensed establishment under the Act.

Municipal ownership

It is good to realize that these quantities just go about municipal ownership. Roads Department of Public Works or the province are not included here.