Background of this competition

In 40 years’ time, Almere has managed to develop from a sketch on the drawing board to a city with 200,000 inhabitants and is being challenged by both the government and the region to double these numbers in time. Almere and Flevoland have decided to rise to this challenge as part of Growing Green Almere: city of experiments, a social, economic and ecologically sustainable city. The city has thereby now entered a new phase: Almere 2.0.

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Why this competition?

The aim of the competition is to stimulate economic activity and realization of innovative plans to allow making products using the waste flows of the city.

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More about this competition

This competition is about choosing the best plan with accompanying business case. A plan which is aimed at the creation of products with the aid of the waste flows of the city. We focus on the waste flows arising from the maintenance and management of the city: biomass, asphalt, concrete and street furniture.

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Here are all the important data for this procurement procedure. The information meetings, publication of Summary of Additional Information, deadline for submitting tenders and information about the jury reviews.

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Tender documents

This website has a general informational purposes. This website is not legally binding. In the tender documents published on status information about the tender (competition).