Ambitions Almere

Almere 2.0 Energy on Upcycling

Almere is ambitious in the field of energy and waste processing. Within Almere, the bar is set high in two parts. The aim is to be in 2022 energy-neutral as well as zero waste. Almere is a city where most energy is used from renewable sources and where waste is used as raw material.

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Innovation Agenda

Almere puts extra money in order to stimulate innovative programs and projects in the city. Experimenting, pioneering, it is in the DNA of this city. Almere has an enterprising population and the Floriade acts as a catalyst, the city actively to its development as a 'green city'. To accommodate innovative developments in Almere can increase its appeal.

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City without waste

Almere's aim is to become a waste-free city. The objective is for an average of only 50 kilos of residual waste per person per annum by 2020. Three quarters of our residual waste today is made up of items that don't belong there, such as paper, plastics, glass and biowaste. If these materials can be segregated they can be reused, reducing the amount of raw materials required for new products. 

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Upcycle Centrum

Almere will built in 2017 in new Upcyclecenter near to the Floriade, the World Horticultural Expo that will be held in 2022. The new Upcyclecentrum contributes to the circular economy in which raw materials are reused optimally. The Upcyclecentrum makes a positive contribution to the task of Almere in 2020 to be a waste-free and energy neutral city. The center looks like a shopping mall where you bring your waste, and then to obtain products designed and created from the waste. Old or discarded goods will have a new economic value. A value which in some cases may be higher than the original value. The construction of the Upcyclecentrum starts the first quarter of 2017. 

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Floriade 2022

What can green thinking do for you and for the world? Floriade Almere 2022 aims to answer that question! For six months during the World Expo the impact flowers and plants, healthy food, green innovations and groundbreaking architecture will be central to your life in the city.

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Raw material cooperation Almere

Almere Local Authority and the Economic Development Board are the driving forces behind the initiative to upgrade local authority waste streams. Collaboration with educational establishments, knowledge institutions and the business community will be crucial here. This collaborative effort will take concrete shape in the form of the Almere Raw Materials Cooperative, or "Grondstoffen Cooperatie Almere i.o.".

Urban Waste Raw Material City Lab

The Floriade zone and the De Steiger trading estate have been identified in the MRA action agenda as pilot areas for the transition to a circular economy. This makes Almere an ideal location for experimentation in the field of circular initiatives. An experimental space is to be provided, designed to attract trailblazing businesses and provide them with facilities to further develop the circular economy.