What is happening in Upcycle City?


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Waste Flows

Waste flows from the city: volumes of biomass, asphalt and concrete, street furniture.

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Waste flows

The ambitions of Almere in relation to Upcycle City Competition


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The ambition of Almere Local Authority is to contribute to the security of supply of raw materials and to the fostering of a circular economy in the city and the surrounding region, with the creation of new jobs and employment opportunities, by obtaining added value from waste streams coming from the city. We wish to provide opportunities for the market to exploit the region's creativity, innovative expertise and skills. Numerous initiatives and experiments involving waste streams are already underway, but we are at the same time aware that new economic activities aiming to generate new products from waste streams will not spring up all on their own. By means of this competition the Local Authority wish to offer support, including co-financing, to the best plan (or plans) submitted, with the associated business case. Almere's intention is that these innovative ideas should actually be put into practice.